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    R. Lewis

    Our Patented

    Our concept and business model is so
    unique, we have patented our business
    model, blending equipment, and even
    several of our products. We believe
    our concept will change the
    carwash industry forever.
    Experience for yourself
    and see if you agree.

    R. Lewis

    Our Blender...

    Does Your Supplier
    Still Ship You Water?

    We developed the first commercial large-
    capacity blender in our industry. We
    ship you professionally formulated
    products, you add water and blend.
    Result: reduced shipping,
    storage, inventory, and
    increased profits.

    R. Lewis

    Our Formula...

    Performance to Value

    RLT products are formulated to our customer's
    regional needs, not over-formulated for mass
    distribution across the entire country.
    As a result, our products target the
    specific cleaning conditions of
    your region. We leave mass
    formulations to the
    "other guys".

    R. Lewis

    Your Brand...

    Both Friction & Touchfree

    Where other suppliers rely on you to carry the
    cost of their brand, we help you build your
    brand. Why pay for your supplier's trade
    shows, advertising, labor, health cost,
    5 layers of management, and others
    when you can do the same for
    your own brand... and
    retain brand value?

    R. Lewis

    Your Customer...

    ...Not their customer

    You spend years gaining the trust of your
    customers, only to have suppliers come
    in and call your customers "theirs". Stop
    suppliers from limiting your trade
    area, narrowing the businesses you
    can call on, and adding their own
    sales force into your area.
    Send the message...