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A whole new approach to carwash chemicals developed by an industry leader.

The R. Lewis Technologies organization was founded in 2002, based on the simple question, "why ship water"?

This question was asked by industry legend William (Red) Lewis, founder of PDQ Carwashes, founder of PDQ Manufacturing, former President of the ICA and member of the Car Wash Hall of Fame. Red (as known to those in the industry) began to research the answer to this question with his team of industry engineering veterans. Several of the engineers on his team were responsible for design qualities found on the popular PDQ Laserwash®. This talented group began to design and develop the first high-capacity, computer-controlled chemical blender ever used in the industry. By most accounts, this blender was more advanced in design and safety than blenders being used by branded companies.

As the blender took form, a group of industry chemists started to develop wash formulas to be used in the blender. These chemists developed products for cleaning (both hi- and lo- ph), drying agents, clear coat products, conditioners and a full-line of self-serve products. All the products were design to be "customized" by the blender customer.

The final step for the RLT process was to assemble a sales and marketing focus group. This group went directly into the field to discuss distributor needs and wants. Branding support and marketing were developed, pricing ideas and structures were put in place. The benefits of blending were realized including not requiring additional personnel to support the blender, how the process becomes an asset to the distributor, how to use low-cost and high-quality products to compete in your market, and how RLT products can be customized to meet customers request.

Today, RLT is a privately held company with our core management having over 60 years experience in all facets of the industry.

RLT has one simple question for you: Will you give us the opportunity to explain our program and see if it fits your needs?

Red Lewis

Why pay to ship

-Red Lewis