> Why Ship Water?

We asked the same thing!

Of all costs related to carwash solutions, freight is the most costly. Most suppliers boastfully offer "free" freight with large-sized orders. Within their pricing, they have "added" the cost of freight for each gallon of wash solution. If you order the minimum quantity, they pay the freight. If you don't order the mandated minimum order, you pay for the freight, and the "built-in" freight fee goes to their bottom line. Essentially, you pay the freight twice.

At RLT, we pay the freight on all blender orders. Since we only ship the raw materials for our products, the cost of freight is much less and the savings is passed onto you. Some companies "get around" paying for freight costs by shipping concentrates to their customers. This form of wash solution varies in performance and product usage. It is difficult to control concentrate "cost and product performance" when trying to "meter" the product in the back room and "hoping" it performs. The RLT computer-blending process is superior and provides consistent product performance and lower product cost.

Stop Paying to Ship Water

> Figure A

Water Example Conventional Method The RLT Method (No Water Shipped)

> Figure B

One pallet of our raw materials will render (33) 30-gallon barrels of product.

One Pallet Renders 33/30

One pallet of our raw materials will render (18) 55-gallon barrels of product.

One Pallet Renders 18/55