> Product Blender

The heart of the RLT concept, the pulse of your business.

The patented computer-controlled blender is the heart of the RLT concept. This professionally-engineered blender was designed and built by industry engineers headed up by William (Red) Lewis (founder and visionary of PDQ Manufacturing®). This engineering group has focused on the same qualities and needs of vehicle wash equipment: reliability, safety, simplicity of controls and environmentally responsible. The RLT blender is the first large-capacity blender ever offered in this industry and meets most local and state requirements.

Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations
Existing Blender Installations

Examples of RLT Blender Installations

> The Tools

  • Touch screen operation
  • Self-loading of all base products
  • Self-unloading of all blended products
  • Most products require only 1 1/2 hours to process including blending and filling
  • One person operation
  • Small foot print - 10' X 30'
  • Includes safety containment tanks
  • (1) 500 gallon & (1) 1,000 gallon tank
The Tools

> Patented Technology

The blender is controlled using a custom touch pad computer. Each product has it's own program and requires the operator to proceed through controlled steps to complete the blending process. A 4 digit code received from our internet server supports the blending process. Next, our transfer station and powder lift keeps the operator away from raw materials. All liquids are transferred through the liquid transfer station and all powders are added using a completely contained lift station.

Touch-Screen Operation
Touch-Screen Operation

Industrial Mixer
Industrial Mixer

Transfer Station
Transfer Station

> Blender Specs

Blender Specs > Blender Footprint > Blender Side View
Blender Overview
  • Detergent Mix Tank #1
  • Protection Product Mix Tank #2
  • Platform
  • Ladder
  • Protective Covers
  • Lid
  • Video Control Screen
  • Mixing Motor
  • Inverter Container
  • Skewers
  • Container Drive Mechanism
  • Coil Air Line
  • Sensors
  • Safety Zone
  • Inverter
  • Vibrator
  • Drain Valve
  • Processing Unit
Specs & Requirements
  • 40 Amp 110 Volt Service
  • Phone Line
  • Floor Drain
  • RO Water System & Holding Tank
  • Door Height of 10'
  • Ceiling Height of 12'6" for Lift Operation.
  • Air Compressor

> Plug & Play Instant Functionality

Unprecedented Ease of Use

The entire philosophy of the blender engineering group was to design a quality, safe and easy to install blending unit. The required support equipment and utilities are easy to install, and in most cases, already available in a typical warehouse or office setting. The blender is pre-wired and plumbed to receive its power, water and air supply. Most blender installs are completed and test-operated the same day if required support items are available.

Easy Water Hook-up
Easy Water Hook-up

Compact Footprint
Compact Footprint

Standard Electrical
Standard Electrical