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Answers to frequently asked questions from the industry's leading professionals.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes, we offer two different types of discounts. First we have a "quick pay" discount of 5% if paid within 15 days. This is normally several more points and several more days than most. Second, we offer a "Rewards" program. We offer up to 15% additional discount for different levels of paid sales.

Q: Do you offer protected territories?
A: Yes, depending on the area and region, we offer protection from other blenders being placed within an agreed territory. Because we do not restrict sales to line of business or area, our distributors are free to sell their brand to any one and anywhere. Freight cost generally will prohibit a distributor from selling too far from the blender unit.

Q: Do you operate direct sales areas and do you sell direct to end-users.
A: No.

Q: Will you develop a special product for just my company?
A: Yes. We have developed several products for our distributors and make the product exclusively for that distributor. We have a program for this service. Please contact RLT for more information.

Q: Do you have any National Accounts that require me to sell products at a set price?
A: No, we have no National Accounts and have no interest in developing National Accounts. We have distributors that supply and have National Accounts, but RLT does not.

Q: Can I carry other lines with RLT?
A: Absolutely. Again, RLT will help you build your brand, but it may be necessary for you to carry another line. We understand, it's your business.

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