> The RLT Concept

Greater security and profits with a proven business model and solutions.

RLT provides the best "Performance-to-Value" in the industry. By providing our customers with a high-capacity patented blender and proven formulas, we position our distributors to achieve higher profits and secure businesses outside of the "whims" of branded suppliers. This unique patented business model reduces freight cost, places controls in our distributors hands and leads to greater profits and security. So why don't we ship water? Click here to learn more.

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> What If Your Current Supplier Would...

  • Supply time tested and proven formulas?
  • Supply a professionally-engineered and computer-controlled blender?
  • Deliver ready to blend raw materials?
  • Train and support blending personnel?
  • Support brand development?
  • Support marketing development and pricing ideas?
  • Offer protected trade areas?

RLT provides all of this. The RLT Concept.

> With Applications For...

  • In-Bay Automatics
  • Tunnels
  • Self Serves
  • Truck Washes
  • Fleet Washes

RLT makes quality products for all types of wash systems.

> With Flex-Ability...

Today's important need is "FLEX" within our industry. RLT offers "flex-ability" within and outside of our product line. No other supplier can, or is willing to, offer the FLEX-ABILITY that comes "built into" the RLT Concept.

You can select, control, and adjust RLT's proven formulas for your specific needs:

  • Product strength
  • Scents
  • Colors
  • Foaming action


Tired of Other Soap Companies...

  • Calling YOUR customers THEIR customers
  • Upcharging for smaller sizes
  • Charging you for freight on small orders
  • Overcharging you and returning your payments as "rebates"
  • Using your customers as "test sites"
  • Stealing and reassigning your sales districts
  • Demanding price points on special accounts
  • Adding distributors to your territory


What's Wrong Here?

The chemical industry hasn't changed. Period. Current soap companies charge for:

  • Shipping Water
  • Brand Development Costs
  • Marketing Efforts
  • Sales Force
  • Executive staff
  • Advertising
  • Trade Shows
  • National Account Programs
  • Factory Overhead
  • Lavish Headquarters